Time for Real Change in Labour: the Leadership Election

Jeremy Corbyn was rejected by the electorate. There is little doubt in that. Labour will now change its leadership and possibly its very shape. But what will happen?



However, there is one chink in the membership’s right to choose: this time to think could lead to the PLP making the choice themselves. Many of Labours leaders in the past have been elected without the membership voting. No opponent of Gordon Brown was able to muster enough nominations to get on the ballot, so he was elected unopposed. If Corbyn and McDonnell are able to appoint a successor that has wide support within the PLP, this could be the option in which the least blood is spilt. While the membership is yearning for a vote, I wouldn’t rule this out.


Kier Starmer

Rebecca Long-Bailey

Angela Rayner

Yvette Cooper


Jess Philips, young and straight-talking, Philips has been a divisive figure online drawing much support as well as abuse. Tom Watson warned that this may not be the right time for Philips to be leader, after she seemed to be talked into the possibility of running by journalistic heavyweight Rylan.

John McDonnell, Corbyn’s career number two, has ruled out a bid and does nothing to stop issues of Corbyn’s toxicity as he is just as bad if not worse.

David Miliband, Runner up to brother Ed in the 2010 leadership election, there was a suggestion in 2015 that he would have performed much better than his brother against Cameron. Foreign Secretary under Gordon Brown but hasn’t held a seat in parliament since 2013 and is based in New York City.

With current further suggestions becoming increasingly ridiculous, there may be many more contenders than those outlined here. This time in 2015, no one would have seen a Corbyn getting onto the ballot paper, let alone winning comfortably. Only time will tell what direction the party will move to in the coming months and whether the new leader will be able to claw back anything from the Conservative landslide they are up against.

Originally published at https://spyglass-online.com on December 16, 2019.

18 year old student at the University of Glasgow. Labour Party Member. he/him